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Re: [IP] Trigger finger bang, bang...

Apologies in advance for any derelect in link-posting protocol.  Just wanted
to show people what I found

I had developed trigger finger as a result of a broken finger (Jiu Jitsu
activity).  From what I understand, this is caused by the tendon no longer
gliding through its sheath (either because of sheath damage or tendon damage
or other...)  The tendon is catching somewhere, and the "click" happens once
it pops through the impediment.

Anyway, the Ortho I went to suggested either a cortisone shot or surgery.
 The surgery would be to cut the sheath away from tendon in order to allow
the tendon to glide again.

I wasn't satisfied with either of these solutions and so I found two others:
 1) Rolfing (yes, "Rolfing", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolfing) and 2)
and the Flextend exercise glove (http://www.repetitive-strain.com/index.htm)

The concept of Rolfing involves the working of the facia (stuff that
provides structure to your muscles) such that the pressure on the other bits
and pieces (tendons, ligaments, bones, etc) is alleviated and are properly
aligned.  I have had good luck with this on my knees and my wrist
(DeQuervain's Tendinitis) and can highly recommend it.  Cost is ~$100 per
session and might be an insurance item.

I also found a glove that is more of a physical therapy tool.  It provides
some exercise suggestions that enable you to strengthen adjacent muscles so
as to reduce the pressure causing the trigger finger.  The glove is ~$120
and can be used on both hands.  There are videos on YouTube that show how
the exercises are done (http://www.youtube.com/user/urehab,

Hope this helps!

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