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[IP] Omnipod versus Cosmore

I posted back in December that I was sick and tired of the pod and the strange
highs and then crashing because of a low.  So I grabbed my old Cosmo pump and
I have a lot of supplies still and have been using it for the past 4 months
with what I feel is a great success.  The pod was constantly alarming and then
what really shook me was I tried to change a pod filled it and halfway through
the filling part it stopped taking insulin and started screaming at me.  So I
tried another pod and this one would not even take insulin.  Third time was
the charm, not, I got it loaded and put it on to prime it and nothing it had
gone bad as well.  So in disgust I said a few choice words and dug out the
trusty cosmo and some insets and have been doing a lot better and feeling
better.  Whether it was the angled insert or not or just a lousy system I do
not know but I am happy with the cosmo and looking forward to getting a ping
later this year and the tubes well they do not bother me this time around like
the last time.
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