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Re: [IP] Alarms on the Revel

You can changen the alarm rate settings in the sensor menu. In "edit
settings" there is a setting for "rate alerts".
I set mine to a slower setting for the same reason it was just going off too

If you do not want to be disturbed by an alarm. Go to the sensor menu and
choose "alert silence".
Scroll down and choose "All sensor alerts" and then put in the time you wish
to not be disburbed.
You have to make sure you push act after you put int he time. This works
really well for meetings
Where you don't don't want an alarm to esculate to the siren phase. Once the
time period you choose
is over then all the alarms that were skipped come up...lol
I usually turn my alarms off at night....because the sensor tends to lose
the signal several times a night
and I end up with no sleep....so I set the time off for 8 hours....yes it
would be nice if it could catch a low
for me but we are not t here yet...for me anyway.



> " Maybe it's just the way my 723 Revel is set, but I find it the most
> annoying
> pump I have had in 11 plus years. Those points being made, I am thankful I
> have the pump."
> <SNAP>
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