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Re: [IP] Enlite news

 In researching the Enlite, the following thread on CWD, where a parent
supposedly talked about the Enlite with an MM rep notes that the sensor still
has to be restarted on day 3. The posters go on to note that this would just be
an improvement in the warranty and of more value to the insurance companies that
would only have to send half the amount of sensors they now send to end users.

 The thread was from late last year, so let's hope that things have changed
since then.

 I wonder how they're going to handle the software upgrade necessary to make the
6 day wear period meaningful to current users. Are the sensors just going to be
guaranteed for 6 days, and we'll still have to restart on day 3 (if so, b.f.
deal), or will we be spared the annoyance of the restart on day 3? And I wonder
if they'll still "time out" on day 7?

 I asked about that and he said that it still will have to be restarted on day
3. So really no benefit for us there. And apparently they will also "time out"
on day 7, at least that's the info he had.

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