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Re: [IP] Enlite news

Liz Wrote:
 I actually took the original comment to mean that the new sensor will catch 98%
of hypoglycemic episodes, not that the actual numbers were 98% accurate. When
I'm dropping slowly the current sensors usually work well. It's fast drops that
are the problem and sometimes even very mild activity can cause a big drop if I
have IOB.
Ricardo Responds:
Hi Liz,
 You may be correct in your interpretation, which is why I have to reserve
judgement until they officially market the Enlite.
 However if the calibration standard is based on +/- 20% calibration accuracy
and you define a hypo as let's say 70 or below, approximately half the BG
readings should fall above 70 and half below 70, with an average of 70, which
would be a far cry from 98% accuracy. Since in this example half the readings
could fall above the true BG reading of 70, the math still would not add up as
catching 98% of hypos.

 MM would have to introduce a super accurate calibration standard unlike
anything we have seen thus far to stand behind that definition of the claim.
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