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Re: [IP] Capture Option

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> From:Marshall <email @ redacted>

 > Can not find this on the CareLink site and I do not know what I did with MFM,
> so....what is the "Capture Option" on the Revel?
> Tanx....
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It allows you to enter several kinds of info into the pump:

 1. A BG reading from a non-UltraLink meter. You can enter a BG through the
Bolus Wizard as well, but by using the Capture Event menu it will place that BG
into memory for 12 minutes just as it does with the UltraLink. If you're like me
and don't always have your carbs figured out right as you test it's a big help.
I can test and then take a few minutes to decide what I'm going to eat. When I
go to use the Bolus Wizard, the BG will come up.

 2. It allows you to enter insulin taken via syringe/pen. If you have a bad set
and need to take insulin immediately to get BG down, this will now track it but
it does NOT include it in IOB calculations which is a disappointment.

 3. You can enter carbs and they will be counted in your daily totals even
without a bolus. I enter all of the carbs I use to treat lows here.

 4. You can place a marker for exercise. If you want to enter intesnity or
duration you'll have to use Carelink, but it's nice being able to at least place
an indicator without having to go online.

 5. Other - some people will use this to indicate a set or sensor change. I"ve
never played with it so I don't know how it appears in Carelink reports.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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