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[IP] Enlite news

Hi all,

Last Monday MM's new sensor Enlite gets the CE mark. This means that it will
come to EU markets for sale very soon and some of us will have the chance to
use it and test if all these goodies that MM promise are true.

I try hard to be the first in Greece who will get the new sensor as soon as
it will be available, with my VEO pump and I' ll keep you updated about the
experience with it. I'm looking forward to see tree things on it:

1. If Enlite is more accurate at readings, especially at hypoglycemia where
MM claims that it will have 98% accuracy.
2. How the new adhesives and serter works. MM said we will not be able to
see the needle with the new insertion system and that the new system is
almost painless.
3. If the Enlite sensor is wetting instantly (as they claim) and starts give
good readings from the start (present sensors need one day to start giving
accurate readings) and if you can calibrate this thing when your BG rises or
fall without affecting the accuracy of the sensor results.

If you have questions or ideas on testing the Enlite sensor in use, please
share them with me and I will try to find the answers.

Nikos Filippou,
Thessaloniki, Greece
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