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RE: [IP] FW: Getting felt up at the damn airport AGAIN over 1 small can

I was thinking this too, Beverly.

"law abiding" and lying to cover someone else's mistake don't really sit
well with me.

As I stated before, I don't enjoy the inconvenience of being patted down but
in the dozens of times I've flown, I've never been treated with anything
less than respect. But then again, I didn't bring any attitude with me.  :D


On 4/5/11 9:24 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> Denise, they were still doing their job....I guess I wonder why you lied to
> say you were diabetic...just curious as I do not see that as setting a good
> example and may get creamed for it....I don't know why they searched you in
> that manner but they are clear about what can and can't go through....it
> should not have been there....when my daughter was searched at JFK at 12 no
> one else took her place - she learned from the experience....and now at 17 it
> doesn't really bother her as she knows that is what happens for her to
> fly....the fact that you told them you were diabetic so the kid wasn't
> searched concerns me and makes me understand why we go through all
> this....fact: the child had the juice, she should have been searched - not a
> proxy....I am not saying what I mean very well....I know you were protecting
> your child but teaching her to lie may not be the best way to do it....my
> .02....
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