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RE: [IP] Getting felt up at the damn airport AGAIN over 1 small can

 I'm sorry that you feel that this is a path that cannot be changed. I feel

 Some things are right and some things are wrong and good people need to stand
up when wrong things happen. If they didn't, American's would still be British
citizens, there would be no Jewish people left in Europe, and black people would
still be slaves.

 Closing our eyes to the issue, or just going along with the plan like sheep,
does not make it better nor does it make it go away.

 You say you can't understand what the big deal is. The big deal is that the TSA
has sold us a bill of goods and now terrorizes the citizen's of the US under the
guise of security from terrorism.

Terrorism: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/terrorism
             - the use of...threats to intimidate or coerce.

 I see the threat of jail and/or fines for not submitting to being molested by
TSA as the perfect example of terrorism.

 There are better ways to secure airplanes that would be FAR less invasive and
inconvenient for passengers...unfortunately, there's no money to be made that
way, so we get TSA.

 I don't call everyone doing their job a moron. I call those who hide behind
inane policies, hidden agendas, and intimidation and fear morons. Were I to get
a parking ticket for parking illegally, I'm the moron. If my lights get turned
off because I am late with the payment, I'm the moron.

 However, if someone grabs my junk and says that it's to keep the planes secure,
despite the fact that I went through THEIR x-ray machine or metal detector,
which obviously aren't accurate, then yes, they are morons. They either buy into
the need to grab my junk, and are morons, or are spineless jellyfish, refusing
to stand up for what is right, and are, therefore, morons.


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 I am not angry I don't spend my time getting worked up or waste my time trying
to fight what can't be fixed
 911 was the start of all of this. Ok it happened we learned a good lesson and
now we go on

  I can't understand what the big deal is yes we r diabetic we have supplies
doesn't give us special treatment. Its life this is who we are. Embrace it get
over it.
 I'm a mom a wife I work 40 hrs a week I am all over the place and I wouldn't
change a thing
 So when I go to the airport I give myself extra time I am prepared and I know
when I get where I'm going I am going to be with people that I care about and

  Write your letters complain to who ever its not going to change things we
control what we can't control

 I don't call people doing their jobs morons. When you get a parking tix when u
 don't get a bill paid on time do you yell at the cop or customer service rep?
do u blame urself. You are in control of ur destiny time for people to take
Responsibility for their own errors


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