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RE: [IP] Getting felt up at the damn airport AGAIN over 1 small can

 I'm honestly surprised that this conversation has been allowed to go as long as
it has, seeing as how it's strayed pretty far off what is normally accepted as
valid topics for the list.

 I find that there are 3 camps when it comes to the whole TSA (or other security
contractors for airports where TSA is not employed) issue.

 1: Those who are willing to put up with just about any form of invasive search
under the belief that it is keeping us safe


 2: Those who disagree with the searches but allow them anyways because they
still want to fly


3: Those who oppose the searches and refuse to fly because of them.

 As long as there are more people in camps 1 & 2 than in 3, we will continue to
allow TSA to molest us in the name of security.

 If the TSA says that diabetics can carry XY&Z, and we have XYorZ on us and they
hassle us in line, we have an obligation to 1) educate the moron hassleing us
until they have learned or 2 escalate the issue IMMEDIATELY to a supervisor and
as far up the food chain as necessary until they learn.

 I don't buy the whole "they're just doing their job" excuse...especially when
they are doing it wrong.



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