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This is what works for me with my OmniPod.

I use a Skin Tac Wipe on my skin and am generous about putting it on as much
skin as possible (area surrounding where I will place my pod).

The ingredients are: alcohol and rosin for those that need to check for

I find that if I make sure that my pod is placed somewhere UNDER clothing
(shirt sleeve, shirt, shorts, pants, socks) I find that the stickiness helps
the clothing stay close to my body which indirectly seems to add to the
protection of the pod.

For myself, I have tried the back of the calf of my leg with mixed success.
So long as I have socks that will COVER the pod, it may work.  The adhesive on
the backing of the pods is very good. The design of the material is to be
flexible.  This took me a while to get used to. I was imagining Gorilla Glue
or Duct tape. (I am not in the medical field, you can tell..)

Pods will rip off.  You will rip them off. Your kid will rip them off.  Yes,
they are expensive. There is a learning curve with all devices with diabetes.

Call customer service at any time you have a problem.  This does not guarantee
that they will send you a brand new pod.  But if you have the patience to
spend the time with a phone call to them, you may be able to get a replacement
for free.  This is not guaranteed though.

I like the Omnipod because it is the closest thing to a Deltec Cozmo that I
can find on the market.  I like the CoPilot software and that my
endocrinologist and CDE can look at whatever reports that they like.  I can
hook up my PDM to the computer at 3 am, upload the info, synchronize the info
with the CoPilot Host and the medical provider can go to it at THEIR
convenience and see what they need to see.

Omnipod works with Freestyle Strips from Abbott Diabetes which provides free
CDEs over the phone. That sounds like a very valuable bonus to me. (I have not
tried it yet, shame on me.)

I wish you the best with your son and your Omnipod.  I am sure that there are
specific issues to 'pumping' with a little boy. I wish the best for you.

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