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Re: [IP] RE: Dr. Faustman's trial

Here's a link to Dr. Faustman's website for this trial & research:


I'm eagerly following her progress as well.


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Sent: Wed, April 28, 2010 4:29:33 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] RE: Dr. Faustman's trial

Hi Tom,

Actually, Mr. Iacocca did give $10M to fund phase 1 of Dr. Faustman's
trial. That phase is complete, I think, and she is getting phase 2
cranked up.  The phase 2 trial will cost about $25M.  I am enrolled in
this trial, and am really hopeful (although honestly skeptical).  

I was really surprised when I went to have blood drawn at Mass General
the first time.  I expected to get the blood drawn and be out in about
10 minutes.  I was extremely delighted when Dr. Faustman came in and
chatted with me for about 45 minutes about her research.  She is
enthusiastic and optimistic. I really hope she is onto something.  She
is truly a delight. 

For those that are unfamiliar with what Tom & I are talking about, Dr.
Faustman thinks that an old TB vaccine fixes our immune systems.  Once
that happens, she has proved that non-obese diabetic mice (NODM) begin
re-generating insulin-producing beta cells, and since the autoimmune
attack is gone, they no longer need insulin.  HOW COOL IS THAT? 
IF....it works in us.  

Since this vaccine (BCG) has been in use for 100+ years, there is not
much motivation for big pharmaceutical companies to help her - it has
been proven safe and is inexpensive. 

I encourage anyone reading to google her, and if at all possible,
provide some assistance.  I know I (and many of my DM friends) have
given what we can, but she is still lacking millions (which is why I
don't go back until Nov.)  

I am another Tom,

Tom C.    

dx'd 1985 age 31
MM 522 since Aug 2007
CGMS since Dec 2007
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