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[IP] Omnipod

> Subject: [IP] Need OMNIPOD Tips
> Although I am an adult, I have been using the omnipod system for over 3
years and wish your friend the best.  I have never had problems with adhesion,
but I know there are products that help- I used the when I was on MM508,  With
the omnipod, after you adhere the pod to your skin, keep one hand one the pod,
and pinch right in front of the window  after you press start as the cannula
is inserted.  Another tip, pods should be worn on fatty tissue not lean muscle
for best absorption.  Have her test two hours after bolus to see where the BS
is and the when it asks you if you are going to eat, press the question mark
on the right side and it will not only tell you the insulin on board, but how
much under or over you are.
Finally, check the lots numbers of any bad pods.  I have had a few and if
Insulet tells you to save it and return so company can check, you can remove
the insulin but using the syringe you used to inject it.  Expect some air
bubbles though.
Hope this helps
> To those successful OmniPodders out there, I'd like very much to help this
> woman. Can you share with me your tips for properly adhering a Pod to the
> skin? I seem to recall that one is supposed to pinch up on the skin first,
> the place where the cannula will insert. How do you keep from getting the
> edges of the adhesive tape from curling up? (that is what it has looked
> on some of the Pods she has inserted.) What about keeping the site
> before putting on a Pod?
> Also, how often do you experience a bad Pod (especially one that seems not
> deliver, even though no occlusion alarm occurs. (She told me she was
> because 4 in a row were bad one evening, and her son's bedtime was delayed
> a result.)
> Thanks in advance for any tips!
> SM
> .
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