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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #806

Good for you Benny, I had a problem with my sugars going up with Humalog and 
changed to Novalog. I think change is good when needed. It is the body's way 
of signally the doc-hey lets do something different. When I had to do my 
change of insulins, I started with a few glands -one in my leg and one in my 
neck swelling. The doc thought it was an infection, so prescribed Keflex. I 
broke out in hives, time passed went to an allergist, a dematologist, docs 
saying it wasn't my insulin. I happened to get a flyer in the mail from 
Novalog, tried it and the hives and needle rash went away. We do have skin 
allergy -like history in our family. One doc did say there is a lot of 
preservatives in insulin and who knows who can have a reaction to one over 
the other.

> In early Feb, I had an A1C of 8.9.  Today, I am at 6.8.  It took 300 and 
> up to
> 450 units daily of  Humalog to get there. I'm pretty happy about that.
> I also switch to Humulin R U-500 insulin today, so we'll see how that 
> works
> out.
> Benny
> .
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