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RE: [IP] Need OMNIPOD Tips

 I also use mastisol to improve stability, particularly during sports activity.
I have had periods with multiple occlusions but recently have been using hypafix
tape on top edges of the adhesive strip and then a longer strip across the top
of the pod to stabilize and have had fewer incidents recently.


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A friend of mine recently switched her son to the OmniPod from a traditional
tubed pump.  Since having done so, her son (age 6) has been having too many
episodes of high blood glucose. I am a former OmniPod user of two years ago
(now wearing MM 522 w/CGM) but I am trying to help her, since I realize for a
kid the OmniPod has its advantages in terms of no tubing. My friend is
disgusted, after about 3 weeks of OmniPodding, and wants to switch a different
pump. The problems she has been having are (1) Pods that seem not to adhere
properly (2) Pod failures (OR site issues!, but it's hard to tell the
difference sometimes.) 
To those successful OmniPodders out there, I'd like very much to help this
woman. Can you share with me your tips for properly adhering a Pod to the
skin? I seem to recall that one is supposed to pinch up on the skin first, at
the place where the cannula will insert. How do you keep from getting the
edges of the adhesive tape from curling up? (that is what it has looked like
on some of the Pods she has inserted.) What about keeping the site sweat-free
before putting on a Pod?
Also, how often do you experience a bad Pod (especially one that seems not to
deliver, even though no occlusion alarm occurs. (She told me she was disgusted
because 4 in a row were bad one evening, and her son's bedtime was delayed as
a result.)
Thanks in advance for any tips!
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