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No Subject

I had been admitted to hospital 14, April 10 via emergency room with
nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain.
The RN  accessed my port, placed tegaderm (even AFTER I told her that I was
allergic to it) on my skin. Doctor walks in takes one look at me. He tells
the nurse to go get the bg meter. I ask him why.. My sugars are fine.. I had
checked them about 20 minutes prior. 145 was the number. He told me no, they
are not fine.. their meter read 37. Blood draw via port for normal labs said
34.. and I thought that I was 140ish. So my Hypo Unaware is NOT coming back
even though I have been slacking on control.. and trying to not allow my
sugars under 110.. As I am trying to keep them between 110-180 as endo
My potassium LOW (but I knew that with the n/v), however my HCT and HGB was
low (still unknown cause). I was admitted onto 6NW (and not my normal
4centre). Thursday was fine.. a little fluctuation of sugars until lunch..
then I started the roller coaster of the diabetic life in hospital (when the
FIRST year Intern decides to put you on a insulin/glucose drip because your
sugars were all over the place in emergency). Well.. they (the Hospitalist
and residents) learned their lessons.. my sugars ranged from 31-618 until
they gave me my pump back (allowed me to reconect) and just gave me a Normal
saline drip. I then stablized a little bit.. and was dischared the next day
(that was Sat that I was dc'd).
Rang the endo on Monday per doctors orders. They got me in 1 month earlier
than my already scheduled appt due to the rapidly fluctuating sugars. HbA1c
was drawn, as was a bunch of other labs (will get report back in about a
week). When he found out that the doctor did not want me on the pump and put
me on a drip, he about blew.
And when he uploade my pumps memory (I normally do it, but my printer is on
the fritz) he saw I was using a bit more insulin every few weeks to keep my
sugars where they are. (I input all my bg readings into pump (as I do use
several meters.. one at bed, one at desk and one in my bag, so I have all
the meter readings in one place without having to constantly go back and
forth with the meters to download/write out the numbers). And because of the
constant dose of steroids I now take, genetics, and all the steroids I get
injected into joints (Left ankle joint, both knees, and back) I am at the
beginings of insulin resistance of type 2. So I have type 2 overlaying type
1.. Great.. so added 1 more med to diet 500mg Metformin ER daily.
So this is why..
basel rates USED to be (when I started the cozmo pump)
0000-0600 0.65u
0600-0800 0.80u
0800-1930 0.55u
1930-2200 0.40u
2200-0000 0.45u
Basel rates are NOW:
0000-0600 1.25u
0600-0800 1.35u
0800-1930 1.25u
1930-2200 1.05u
2200-0000 1.45u
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