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Re: [IP] Animas Ping

Why not just bolus from the pump? 

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Sent: Friday, April 02, 2010 10:46 AM
Subject: [IP] Animas Ping

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> Re:  animas ping
> Well I did it, and now I am sorry. I just stared using  my Animas
> Ping ststem on March 31 also. not read the PING screen. I have some
> vision problems, but even my husband can't read it., I have spoken
> with an Animas rep, but she says since the Ping is manufactured by Ia
> different company, the screens don't match.Maybe they will retool it
> to match. but I can not wait.  The reason i chose the Animas was
> because the pump screen was so easy to read.
> HA - I am so mad  I am ready to go on with the Cosmo until it dies
> completely. If I can not use the Ping, I might as well continue
> testing with a meter and entering values.   Doesn't the Ping violate
> the American with Disabilities Act if I can not read the screen?
> After 6 years on the Deltec Cosmo, I figured it would not last much
> longer., However, the pump seems to be wrking okay, but I would miss
> many feathres on the Cosmo. For Instance,  I can  just preset several
> temp rates - I used to use an 85% reduction for several hours of busy
> running around on my volunteer job, and 200% for BS values over 250.
> It also did something no other pump did - it told me EXACTLY how many
> carbs I needed for a low.  not just the 15 carb, 15 minute rule which
> is useless for me.
> I shall trying Animas support, but I am pretty discouraged.
> Edith Frank
> Morristown, New Jersey
> .
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