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Re: [IP] Animas 2020

Hi Diane,

I'm on the Ping, having upgraded from the 2020. I wear my pump in my bra so
I've found the remote great for those times I want to bolus without removing
the pump.

That said, I do find the contrast lousy on the remote. I wind up tilting it
this way and that to see better or using the backlight most of the time,
which of course affects battery life.

The only other drawbacks to the Ping (in my opinion) are that I can't set a
temporary basal rate with the remote. And it did take quite a learning curve
for me not to over shoot my bolus amount; the up/down arrows start out fast
and then go super fast. Lastly I'm pretty impatient so when I pick up the
meter and press a button, I want IMMEDIATE response. The remote has to read
its wireless signal to the pump so it takes it a few seconds to respond.

I LOVED my 2020 and very much like my Ping. I'm still on the fence about
which I liked better.

If the remote aspect isn't important to you, I'd probably recommend the
2020. The batteries last much longer (about 4 months vs 2 months) and the
pump is a quarter-inch smaller.


On 4/3/10 9:07 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi,
 > I'm hearing all of this discussion about the Animas Ping and wondering if
> the right one for me when my warranty is up in May?  I have the Animas 1250
> and really have no problem with it as I understand it and it suits my needs.
> I also love the customer service.  Anyway, I was wondering if the Animas 2020
 > might be the best choice for me? The screen is definitely an improvement over
> the 1250 and I think the rest is about the same.  The more basic the less
> problems I feel.  I'm also on Medicare now and doubt they would even consider
> the Dexcom CGM system.  Any thoughts?
> Diane   
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