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Re: [IP] Neuropathy

 what can be done for you ?? i have had eye retinopathy w 2 vitrectomys- in 1998
that was scary and i eel like i got a second chance . can they do anything ??
what can be done at this point ??

Leigh Blackistone 
email @ redacted 
404 . 644 . 4737 

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Well I am NOT a happy camper.. I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy 
yesterday.. however it is effecting the TOPS of my feet and not the 
bottom.... I have normal feeling in the bottoms of my feet, however when the 
podiatrist touched the tops of my feet, encluding the one that I did not 
have surgery on it felt like someone was pouring acid on.. owie.. then he 
did the filament test on the tops and yes I have it.. it is not numb but 
PAINFUL just to touch at times.. 

This sucks.. thought that I would be getting away with just the 
gastroparesis after 32 years of D. Oh no.. can't be that way.. 

Thanks for letting me vent.. 

R. Leppanen 
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