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Re: [IP] Animas Ping

 For insurance reasons I kept my Ping, but am continuing to use my Cozmo until
it dies.

Judi in MI
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Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 13:01:44 
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Subject: RE: [IP] Animas Ping

  I too was frustrated that the Ping did not live up to the sales pitch. It
many features Cosmo has, and the features it does have do not work well. After
 trying to get someone to tell me how to return it, they had a trainer call me
she could teach me how to use the few features it does have... I was so mad I
packed up the whole thing in the box they sent me for sending in my used Cozmo.
I will stay on my Cozmo until it dies.

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Date: Friday, April 02, 2010 11:47:28 am
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Subject: [IP] Animas Ping

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Re:  animas ping
 Well I did it, and now I am sorry. I just stared using  my Animas
Ping ststem on March 31 also. not read the PING screen. I have some
vision problems, but even my husband can't read it., I have spoken
with an Animas rep, but she says since the Ping is manufactured by Ia
different company, the screens don't match.Maybe they will retool it
to match. but I can not wait.  The reason i chose the Animas was
because the pump screen was so easy to read.
 HA - I am so mad  I am ready to go on with the Cosmo until it dies
completely. If I can not use the Ping, I might as well continue
testing with a meter and entering values.   Doesn't the Ping violate
the American with Disabilities Act if I can not read the screen?

After 6 years on the Deltec Cosmo, I figured it would not last much
longer., However, the pump seems to be wrking okay, but I would miss
many feathres on the Cosmo. For Instance,  I can  just preset several
temp rates - I used to use an 85% reductio
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