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[IP] RE: Tom Fiore & Pump Problems

 I'm new to the Animas Ping, having had mine for less than a month. I had the
same issues Tom has, still do sort of. I have always hated having diabetes
(diagnosed at 14). I worried the pump would be a constant reminder of my
condition, and compared it to a hood ornament
 on a car-calling attention to something I wanted so much to go away. In my
profile, I do say I am battling
serious depression. I'm already on 200 mgs Zoloft per day, and am
starting counseling again next week. I wonder if perhaps Tom has
depression, too. I'm seeing good changes with control , but I still
need 'adjustments' with my educator. The pump itself doesn't bother me
with weight or size as much as I thought it would,
 but it's still difficult to deal with mentally (for me and my body image). My
diabetes was
a major issue for my ex-husband, and I have RA on top of it. Not the
sole cause of the divorce, but one used to make me feel 'less than'.
It's encouraging to read here about husbands and wives who hang in for
the 'worse, poorer, and the sick' end of the vows. I'm hoping my
medication gets changed some, as the Zoloft isn't doing enough now.
Maybe Tom should seek counseling, too. Medication
for depression can make the pump and other problems shrink in size and
help you cope. I'm hanging in there, and I did choose the pump despite
my hesitation and excuses for not getting one. Without
it, though... I live alone and my hypos were going to kill me one day.
Given my psych issues-PTSD, too-I could have refused a pump and said to
hell with it. Not technically suicide, more just giving up. I didn't,
though. Fate works in strange ways. The pump made me realize I want to
stay alive after all, despite diabetes, RA, etc. So, I'm getting
counseling. I hope Tom does, too.
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