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Re: [IP] I'll have to R.T.F.M.

 It seems to be real basic. The reports you will get will be the same as your
pump. It will just have the BG readings from the new meter. If you're not using
a cgms, no big deal, but with the real-time monitor system it's pretty much a

 It does indeed take 2 AAA batteries (comes with Duracell), and the date was
programmed correctly. It looks like the time was programmed for PST.

 I like my UltraSmart a lot better - I'll continue using it the way I have the
past several months. I like the Lifescan reports, and will continue to enter my
carbs and insulin into the meter. Both the Carelink site and the Lifescan
reports have their advantages, and I use them both a lot.

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07

-------------- Original message -------------- 
From: Marshall <email @ redacted> 

> It does not look like you can input carbs on this 
> meter, but you can input the carbs on the 722. 
> I'm curious to find out what kind of data this will 
> print out. 
> --- Elizabeth Blake wrote: 
> > 
> > Also, does this meter take AAA batteries? I'm going 
> > to assume so, with all of 
> > the talk about bricks! 
> > 
> > -- 
> > Liz 
> > Type 1 dx 4/1987 
> > Minimed 715 5/2005 
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