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Re: [IP] Pump supply kits?

Wow. Really?! Okay, call me crazy, but all I carry is:

My meter
current vial of strips
lancet device (I reuse lancet forever)
keychain with 4 glucose tabs (that's a new addition)
usually nothing else

And it fits nicely in my purse. Just an average size purse, along with my 
wallet, an assortment of old receipts going back a few months, and who knows 
what else that's been collecting in there since the last time I cleaned it 

I know that can pick up Humalog and an emergency pack of syringes if I need 
them (just in case I pull out the infusion set) at any drugstore in an 
emergency, and then would submit receipt to insurance.

No bags, no fuss, no muss, just throw my meter in its case into my purse and 
I'm ready to go.

Now, if I was travelling someplace where I know I couldn't get to a 
drugstore easily, I'll throw in my insulin and a syringe. I know batteries 
can be found in any convenience store anywhere, so I just don't worry about 
that either.

And yes, I know what my diabetes pump educator told me.

Call me crazy... actually I didn't know I was, until I saw this thread. And 
I'm okay with that.

pumping since Jan 08
dx in 1989
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