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Re: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

 I used to use the Calorie King PDA software when I still used my Freestyle
plugin for my old Handspring PDA. It looks like they still have it available

 I gave up on it as I got better at carb counting, but it stood out as best of
breed for portable electronic nutrition DBs.

T1, 25 years, Cozmo user

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From: Brad Bergman <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 11:53:14 AM
Subject: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

I know someone recently inquired about some software to update the iPhone to
allow for reference carb database of sorts, but I was wondering if there are
any PDAs already out there that have an on-board searchable database (either
it's own, or one you could import from, say, Calorie King). I think I heard
someone mention their pump has a built in database, too? (??!)

I really am getting tired of hunting through the Calorie King booklet at the
dinner table, and still not finding what I need ("biscuit" refers you to the
page for McDonalds?). I'd love to get some kind of PDA that I could also
update with common meal combos (since I tend to eat the same things over
again). I don't have much memory for that kind of thing, and I've run out of
space in the margins and front/back covers of my Calorie King booklet.

Thanks in advance!

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