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RE: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?


I use a "calorie counting" program called Diet Organizer 2.0 for both carb and
calorie tracking.  Although it is primarily designed for the dieter who wants
to know the relative proportion of distribution (i.e. fat vs. protein vs.
carb) in their diets, it has been very helpful at quickly ensuring that my "in
head" calculation have been accurate.  I have been suprised by how far off
some of my estimates have been.  The web site is www.dietorganizer.com.  I use
the windows mobile version and find it user friendly.  I have not used the
palm version.

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Subject: [IP] Digital PDA for carb counting?

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I know someone recently inquired about some software to update the iPhone to
allow for reference carb database of sorts, but I was wondering if there are
any PDAs already out there that have an on-board searchable database (either
it's own, or one you could import from, say, Calorie King). I think I heard
someone mention their pump has a built in database, too? (??!)

I really am getting tired of hunting through the Calorie King booklet at the
dinner table, and still not finding what I need ("biscuit" refers you to the
page for McDonalds?). I'd love to get some kind of PDA that I could also
update with common meal combos (since I tend to eat the same things over
again). I don't have much memory for that kind of thing, and I've run out of
space in the margins and front/back covers of my Calorie King booklet.

Thanks in advance!

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