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Re: [IP] Pump supply kits?

 I use a Tumi shaving kit bag:

 It wasn't cheap, but I never complain about what it can or can't hold, and it
was worth the investment $$$ in retrospect. I use it as both a pump day bag and
a travel case. After 3 years it's holding up very well and usually holds this
stuff for me:

Misc stuff:
1) PDA
2) Checkbook
3) Pens
4) Sunglasses + case

as for pump supplies:

1) 2 bottles of Freestyle 50 strips
2) Extra pump cartridge caps/retainers
3) Extra lancet device
4) Spare lancets
5) Bottle of insulin
6) 2 or 3 emergency 1/2cc syringes
7) 2 coin cell batteries for the Cozmonitor
8) 4 AAA batteries for the pump
9) 2 spare insulin cartridges
10) 2 or 3 spare Comfort infusion site packages
11) 2 or 3 I.V. prep wipes
12) Spare change/$$ for emergency glucose fix supplies

 There's room for a bit more stuff, but I don't like over-stuffing the bag and
what I have makes me comfortable about not having to worry about needing key
supplies while I'm out and about or away.

 My wife calls it a man purse, but a 6x9x4" bag is perfect for what I need to
carry around.

T1, 25 years, Cozmo user
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