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RE: [IP] Pump supply kits?

Great question, Frank. I've been wondering the same thing.

Personally, I've found an LL Bean insulated lunch box that seems to be
working pretty good for me. 

It's got two front zippered pockets, a side mesh pocket, and a very large
interior with a mesh pocket on the 'lid', but measures only 8.5"H x 7"W x
4.25"D. (325 cu. in./9 oz.)

In it I carry:

---Small front pocket---
	Cannula caps (for when you disconnect to shower, etc.)
---Large front pocket---
	Keto-Diastix (1 bottle)
	Alcohol Preps (10 or so)
	Novalog Pen Needles (pack of 7)
	Power Bar
	Glucose Tablets
	Meter & Pump Batteries
---Side Mesh Pocket---
	Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes (Travel Pack)
---Interior Mesh Pocket --
	Novalog Injection Pen
	Lantus Injection Pen
	More Powerbars (2-3)
	Insulin vial
	Extra bottles of Test Strips (2)
	Writing pen
	Calorie King booklet
	UltraLink Meter
	Spare Infusion Sets (2)
	Spare Reservoirs (2)

All with plenty of room to spare. For a while I was carrying two BG meters
inside, but now that I got the new UltraLink meter, I put the other in my
storage cabinet with the rest of my stockpile of supplies.

You mentioned some things I don't use and haven't heard about before. What
IV Preps?
IV 3000?
Pocket Pancreas?


-----Original Message-----
Frank (III) Baker wrote:

>>I have only been at this since January, as far as pumping goes and
>>already have an overstuffed kit bag that goes where I go. I am curious
>>on what you guys carry in your kits when away from home.
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