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[IP] Pump supply kits?

 I have only been at this since January, as far as pumping goes and already have
an overstuffed kit bag that goes where I go. I am curious on what you guys carry
in your kits when away from home.

 My current bag is a Flambeau fishing pack 8 1/2 X 10 X 3 1/2 and has a zippered
top third of the 3 1/2' thickness. In it is my Insulin cold pack, working Vial
of Novalog, with syringes (for emergencies). New Meter & pouch. Band aids in a
hard box, A tube of Neosporin, Alcohol wipes (5 -10), IV Preps (5 - 10), IV 3000
(10), Quick sets and reservoirs (2), Quick Serter (use occasionally), Change Log
notebook and the Pocket Pancreas, and last but not least a small Carb counting

 Whenever I leave the house for an extended time this is with me. When I was on
MDI it was just the Insulin cold pack and a few syringes as well as the glucose
meter and strips.

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