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Re: [IP] Re: MM's "One Touch" and calibration

Nope, it doesn't clear anything...each test counts as a calibration UNLESS
you turn off the transmition feature before you test.  It is easy, but a
pain.  I wish they would have designed it so that you are asked by the pump
if you want to count it as a calibration; the way it was before I went on
the new meter.  Cynthia

On 4/29/08, Brad Bergman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm just hoping it will automatically clear the "CHECK BG" alert on the
> pump. I think it's odd that I'll check my BG ahead of the alert, or even
> after, and still need to manually clear the alert message.
> Medtronic's website/UPS tracking says my meter should deliver today;
> however
> UPS usually comes before 2pm (it's 3:42 now) and still nothing.
> Here's hoping I'm no longer bouncing emails (because I hate navigating the
> digests),
> -Brad
> -----Original Message-----
> Jordana Rosenberg wrote:
> >>When you do a glucose test with the new One Touch with the CGMS,
> >>and it automatically transfers the information to the pump, does
> >>it use that information to automatically *calibrate* the pump?
> >>It seems unlikely, but I am just checking.  If it automatically
> >>calibrated, then the cgms would end up with too many calibrations
> >>per day.
> .
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