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RE: [IP] MRSA question ....LONG

 <<I would also add that if any open sore does not look 'right', do not hesitate
to seek medical attention!>>

 With MRSA or VRSA (that one is Vancomycine Resistant Staph), They are
oppertunistic bugs... ANY open sore that does not look right or won't heal
should be looked at. Also one should keep a very close eye on their skin.. and I
am talking about the WHOLE body (just like you would for skin cancer--abcd's of
skin cancer), to look for any area on your skin that the bug can enter, and keep
it clean, dry and apply antibiotic ointment and cover.
 I am BOTH MRSA and VRSA possitive (thanks to one of my many hospital stays..
could be reg. hospital or ICU, no one knows). I do the above forementioned, and
also in my previous post.
 I am extreamly immuno-comprimised due to 2 primary immunodefficiencies (CVID
and Selective IgA Def. + Anti IgA antibodies). So when ever I have a wound that
does not look right or takes forever (more than 4 days) to heal, I go in and get
it looked at, and also pathology report to see if it is the gen. staph or if it
is another MRSA or VRSA infection.
 Just a FYI.. IF MRSA or VRSA gets into the blood stream.. IT KILLS. There was
stories on the news the last fall/winter of people dying of it.. I know it is
not something that one wants to face.
 I almost lost my own life due to a MRSA infection. I ended up with pneumonia,
then MRSA colonized in the lungs, then was hospitalized then with a pulmonary
aspiration found not only pneumonia, MRSA but mold growth (combo almost killed

 <<I have a bottle of Hibiclens handy and we all use it to scrub anything on us
that could possibly be or lead to a staph infection. I also put Neosporin on
every little open sore - even bug bites!>>

 I use alot of betadine and a chlorehexadine glucanate wash (1qt bottle will
last me 2-3 months). If and when I get a open sore, I have a chlorehexadine
gluconate-rubbing alcohol single use ampules to use to clean the wounds then I
betadine then bactroban ointment or cream (what ever I have on hand ATM) then
bandaid it (Yes, I go through ALOT of bandaids.. about 400 per year). Bug bites,
as long as the skin has not been comprimized by scratching, I just use alcohol
prep pads to clean the skin that have been bit, then I use a bug bite relief
cream then bandaid to keep it covered (rarely do I get bit.. not even skeeters
like me.. been bit by a skeeter aka mosquito maybe 2 dozen times my whole life).

R. Leppanen
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