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Re: [IP] RE: Coding/PC Comms

It's OK, a bit bigger, but still a reasonably good meter. It is easier  
on my eyes to see the result and coding as simple, also no hassle to  
have it 'talk to the pump Utilities>Meter settings>Add ID (OK,  
Sutherland, it is A9B... NOT A98.... <G>) I do find the set up and all  
a nice feature, mine was date and time set, with only the time being  
an hour behind. If I would like to, the USB for the Ultralink is a  
tiny little thing, like a bluetooth dongle and if I read the paper  
about it and the picture correctly it'll only communicate with their  
carelink web-based software.

I hope someone finds out if it can comm with the XP system and  
solutions software. It is IMO, not much different from the longer  
cable COMMLINK for the pump/meter. But much more compact and nicely  
done. I can't test one yet as I haven't got one.

So, I will also have to see how much they want for that chip too, as  
nothing other than the meter, sample bottle of strips and paperwork  
came with mine.

On Apr 29, 2008, at 5:21 PM, Marshall wrote:

> I have not yet received my BG meter, a.k.a. "The Lead
> Brick" so I can not comment on that (even though I
> just did).
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