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Re: [IP] cgms /ultralink calibration issue

Yes, it is not too big a deal, just a hassle to have to remember to turn off
your meter wireless feature before checking so that you don't have a Cal
Error.  I wish they had instilled a screen on the pump that would ask you
like it does without the wireless meter feature on.  cynthia

On 4/29/08, Leann Harris <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well, the pump school online for the cgms has this to say about the
> calibration issue
> from https://pumpschool.minimed.com/minilink/2074.tpl
> MiniMed Paradigm. REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System:
> Calibration
> Do not calibrate (but continue to monitor glucose):
> After meals
> During or after exercise
> After treating a low blood sugar reaction
> When you are feeling the symptoms of a  low.
> Note: You should continue to do finger stick blood glucose testing during
> these times, if indicated. However, you will not transmit or enter the
> value into your insulin pump. If you enter meter glucose results into the
> system during times of rapid glucose change a Cal Error alarm may occur.
> The continuous glucose monitor value and BG meter value to may not
> match . This may cause a CAL ERROR alarm.
> This is one way the system tells you it is confused. It can see that the
> glucose sensor and meter values do not  match  or make sense.
> You will learn more about the CAL ERROR alarm, and what to do when you get
> the alarm section of this tutorial.
> If you are using the automatic calibration feature to send meter BG values
> to the pump, you will need to turn the feature off during times of rapid
> changing glucose. Before testing your BG level, simply turn the OneTouch.
> UltraLink  Meter feature in the Utilities menu off, or the OneTouch.
> UltraLink  PUMP COMM feature off. You can use your Sensor User guide and
> OneTouch. UltraLink  Blood Glucose Monitoring System Owner's booklet for
> specific instruction on how to turn the automatic calibration feature off.
> Once the rapid change in your glucose is under control, remember to turn
> the meter option feature (or PUMP COMM feature on the OneTouch. UltraLink
> Meter) back on to resume automatic transmission of finger stick BG values.
> I don't think I like this answer...
> -Leann Harris
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