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[IP] cgms /ultralink calibration issue

Well, the pump school online for the cgms has this to say about the
calibration issue

from https://pumpschool.minimed.com/minilink/2074.tpl

MiniMed Paradigm. REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: Calibration
Do not calibrate (but continue to monitor glucose):

After meals
During or after exercise
After treating a low blood sugar reaction
When you are feeling the symptoms of a low.
Note: You should continue to do finger stick blood glucose testing during
these times, if indicated. However, you will not transmit or enter the
value into your insulin pump. If you enter meter glucose results into the
system during times of rapid glucose change a Cal Error alarm may occur.
The continuous glucose monitor value and BG meter value to may not
match. This may cause a CAL ERROR alarm.

This is one way the system tells you it is confused. It can see that the
glucose sensor and meter values do not match or make sense.
You will learn more about the CAL ERROR alarm, and what to do when you get
the alarm section of this tutorial.
If you are using the automatic calibration feature to send meter BG values
to the pump, you will need to turn the feature off during times of rapid
changing glucose. Before testing your BG level, simply turn the OneTouch.
UltraLink Meter feature in the Utilities menu off, or the OneTouch.
UltraLink PUMP COMM feature off. You can use your Sensor User guide and
OneTouch. UltraLink Blood Glucose Monitoring System Owner's booklet for
specific instruction on how to turn the automatic calibration feature off.

Once the rapid change in your glucose is under control, remember to turn
the meter option feature (or PUMP COMM feature on the OneTouch. UltraLink
Meter) back on to resume automatic transmission of finger stick BG values.

I don't think I like this answer...

-Leann Harris

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