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Re: [IP] MRSA question

Well, right now, the doc's used a marker pen to denote the area it is  
affecting. She wants to see if it is spreading, and so after  
showering, the most I do is see the pen mark stays on. if it gets too  
washed out, I touch it up.

Otherwise I don't have to touch the area, and if I have to mark, I  
have gloves now from the vet (He gave me a slew of them)

On Apr 28, 2008, at 11:15 PM, Leppanen wrote:

> If one has ANY open wounds and are possitive for MRSA, s/he should  
> keep the
> wounds clean, dry and covered to preven the spreading of the  
> bacterium.
> This is how it is spread.. someone having it, open wounds, that are  
> not
> covered.. touching something, you touch it, you have a 50/50 chance  
> of getting
> it.. even more percentage if you are immuno-comprimized.
> I AM MRSA++ and VRSA++ and when I have a wound, I keep it clean, dry  
> and
> covered to prevent spreading the disease (got it durring one of many  
> many
> hospitalizations). It is now very common to get out in the community  
> (community
> aquired MRSA) is caused by the above forementioned.
> If the cellulitis is caused by MRSA, and there is a open sore/wound,  
> please
> keep it clean, dry and covered to prevent the transmission. It is  
> not fun to
> have this opertunistic bug.
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