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Re: [IP] MM's "Onetouch Ultralink" meter: My verdict. Also: Help from Canada needed, please

 A couple of months back I had wildly fluctuating numbers within a 2 minute time
frame - same finger, same meter. I didn't believe the first number, which led to
the second, and the third. I can't remember exactly, but my numbers were high
(in the 250-ish range) to begin with.

 I called the meter mfr (BD), and they told me that mfrs allow a 20%(!!)
variance, which is accepted by the Canadian Diabetes Association, and that if I
checked the vial, I would see this range. It was also pointed out that was the
acceptance variance for years. Based on this tidbit of info, if you get a high
number, your "real" number could be much different, and of course, we dose based
on that number - which I expect could impact those who are very insulin
sensitive (I'm not sure though - because I'm not).

 So based on this, I don't buy the theory that they are trying to improve

My challenge to the meter manufacturers:  
 Establish a goal - try to improve the meters 1/2 a percentage point per year.
If they started that goal 20 years ago when I started with the One Touch
Profile, they would have been at a 10% accuracy range today, and who knows where
they could go from there. I'm betting other mfrs are the same.

 I find it interesting that One Touch, probably among others, seems to have
invested in some bells and whistles that I don't want or need - they are nice to
have, but please give me accurate numbers!

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