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RE: [IP] MRSA question

Even if the cellulitis is caused by non-MRSA staph, you don't want it!
Cellulitis is caused by either staph or strep bacteria.  My son had MRSA last
year and my husband had staph this year.  Both of them put off going to the
doctor, both were community-acquired (son from fellow football players,
husband we have no idea where he got it), both required hospital stays for IV
antibiotics - my son even required surgery and a skin graft to get rid of the
infection and close the wound.

So I am the immuno-compromised one in the family and knock on wood, I have not
had it!  The suggestions made already on the list are good - keep the wounds
covered on the affected person.  I would also add that if any open sore does
not look 'right', do not hesitate to seek medical attention!  I have a bottle
of Hibiclens handy and we all use it to scrub anything on us that could
possibly be or lead to a staph infection......  I also put Neosporin on every
little open sore - even bug bites!Deb
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