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Re: [IP] MRSA question

 If one has ANY open wounds and are possitive for MRSA, s/he should keep the
wounds clean, dry and covered to preven the spreading of the bacterium.
 This is how it is spread.. someone having it, open wounds, that are not
covered.. touching something, you touch it, you have a 50/50 chance of getting
it.. even more percentage if you are immuno-comprimized.
 I AM MRSA++ and VRSA++ and when I have a wound, I keep it clean, dry and
covered to prevent spreading the disease (got it durring one of many many
hospitalizations). It is now very common to get out in the community (community
aquired MRSA) is caused by the above forementioned.
 If the cellulitis is caused by MRSA, and there is a open sore/wound, please
keep it clean, dry and covered to prevent the transmission. It is not fun to
have this opertunistic bug.

R. Leppanen
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