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Re: [IP] MM's "Onetouch Ultralink" meter: My verdict. Also: Help from Canada needed, please

 <<Can you change the measurement on this meter from mg/dl to mmol/l? I thought
all meters sold now come preset to the units for the country the meter is made
for. >>

Meters now days can NOT be converted from mg/dL to mmo/L or reverse. 
 If your country does mmol then that is what your meter will read, and can not
change it, and the same with mg/dL.
 Also with some meters, even though they have the same name or a slightly
different name, it does not mean that the strips are interchangeable.. ie..
Freestyle Flash/Freestyle Mini.. can NOT interchange the strips.. the new
freestyle lite, can not interchange US striped meter to canadian striped meter.
Sucks, but the meter manufactures have made it so they can not interchange
strips or the reading conversions
 A Ascensia Contour meter made for the US was sent to Canada.. The strips sold
THERE does NOT work with the meter made for the US.
 Therefore switching a Canadian MMM Link Meter with a US UltraLink meter will
not work. Strips are different.

R. Leppanen
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