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Re: [IP] Time for a new pump and possible CGMS - which would you choose?

 I'm currently in that same boat. My pump isn't out of warranty yet, but I've
decided that CGM is where I need to be right now.

 Based on the discussions I'm seeing around here right now, I'm having a hard
time even thinking about switching over to Minimed and their

 The Freestyle Navigator is currently my front runner choice even if it's not
integrated with my pump yet.

T1 - 25 years, pumping for the last 6 years.  Currently on a Cozmo.

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Subject: [IP] Time for a new pump and possible CGMS - which would you choose?

Would you also get MiniMed's CGMS, or would you look into a CGMS
manufactured by a different company?  Or would you wait for an expected
advancement that's "just around the corner"?

Thank you, fellow pumpers!

Mom to Zach, dxd at 13 mos. and pumping for 7 years now.
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