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[IP] MM's "Onetouch Ultralink" meter: My verdict. Also: Help from Canada needed, please!

So I just received the MM Onetouch Ultralink meter. Nice, hefty
feel in my hand (sort of what I would expect from a
similarly-sized lead brick). A glance into the strip container --
hmmm, they look odd. Kind or like the Ultra strips, not the newer
ones. Let's try one ...

... and the meter says, "Code".

What a useless antediluvian prehistoric piece of junk. Have these
people not looked at a calendar lately? Has it completely escaped
Lifescan's attention that we are in 2008, not 1988?

So: For free to the first responder (Canadian by preference, read
on for the reason) -- one OneTouch Ultralink, packaging torn, one
strip missing, meter used once, lancing device never used. I'll
pay the postage. Replies to email @ redacted, please. Since this thing
is unavailable in Canada, and since there may be Canadians who
prefer a Onetouch Ultra-type meter, they are first in line; if
there is no interest from Canada by tonight, I'll pick the first
response overall as the recipient.

In related news, if there is a Canadian pumper willing to help me
out, I'd be eternally grateful:

If you agree, I would send you a pre-addressed return box and the
funds (CDN$ or US$, your choice) required for two "Contour Link"
meters, shipping, and the return postage, asking you to order the
meters for me and drop them in the mail once you get them. You
would not be asked to do anything until you actually hold the
money in your hands, of course. Also, a prescription is, to the
best of my knowledge, not required, and the transaction is thus

If one of our Canadian members might be willing to help me with
this, I would appreciate if you dropped me a line to email @ redacted
-- thanks!

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