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Re: [IP] New reservoir without new insertion set?

I do the same thing.  No waste.



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  I rarely replace both the infusion set and the reservoir at the same time.
the the time is up for the infusion set I replace it. When the reservoir is
empty I replace it...no wasting anything for me.
  Diane from MI  pumping Animas 1250 since August 06

Brad Bergman <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Liz's comment got me to thinking...

When I replaced my last infusion set I had enough in my insulin vial to fill
the reservoir about 1/2 way. I hadn't taken another bottle out of the fridge
(you know how they say not to fill the reservoir with cold insulin), so I
just went with the 1/2-full reservoir.

But as a result, my reservoir will run out before my 3 days on this infusion
set are up.

Is there a way to keep the current insertion set in and refill the reservoir
without having to take out/replace the infusion set too?

Seems to me I could just rewind the pump, refill the reservoir, do the
manual prime, and plug it back into the current cannula without doing the
fixed prime (since the current cannula would still be filled/primed from the
previous set).

Is this possible, or not advisable?

Thanks in advance,


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>>I'd rather put a new set in than fill a reservoir!

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