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RE: [IP] carelink usb what is it?

Thanks for the information, I just sent for the kit,
but it looks like I'll have to partition a drive.
I'll let you know.

--- Ed Miller <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Has anyone on this list tried installing the free
> vmware server? It acts as
> a standalone computer and you can run virtually any
> OS and as many OS's on
> it as you like and run them all at the same time if
> you have enough
> available memory and use almost any windows, linux
> or mac software you like
> as long as you have the required OS installed on the
> vmware server. There
> are other products out there too besides vmware such
> as virtual box server
> which I believe is also free. I run a Linux machine
> and right now I am
> working in Windows XP on the same computer which is
> where I run all of my
> windows pump and meter based software.
> Ed
>  > Another solution; hire someone smart enough
>  > to write software that is multi platform.
> Doesn't work for hardware drivers. Those are of
> necessity tightly
> ties to the OS they are written for and, somewhat
> less tightly, to
> the computer's hardware. (The second restriction is
> not so much a
> development effort, but it doubles and triples the
> testing
> effort.)
> In the particular case of Carelink, the major reason
> why it needs
> Windows is that Windows (rather, IE) let web-based
> apps break out
> of the "sandbox": Normally, such apps are not
> allowed to do things
> that could alter the computer's state in major ways;
> that includes
> directly accessing hardware. One of IE's features is
> to allow just
> that in certain cases. It brings risks, too, but for
> Carelink, it
> means that you don't ever have to actually install
> software, yet
> it can still talk to the radio transmitter/receiver
> for the pump.
> Anyway, the "multi-platform" part only works for
> apps, and even
> there only for a fairly small segment of apps. :-(
> This is one of
> the many reasons why I refuse to call programming
> "software
> engineering" -- because engineering, a predictable
> application of
> scientific principles, is far beyond current
> programming
> techniques.
> Cheers,
> Felix.
> .

 "Diabetes:Into The New Decade" a series of programs produced in 1990 but still
relevant today.

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