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RE: [IP] carelink usb what is it?

Has anyone on this list tried installing the free vmware server? It acts as
a standalone computer and you can run virtually any OS and as many OS's on
it as you like and run them all at the same time if you have enough
available memory and use almost any windows, linux or mac software you like
as long as you have the required OS installed on the vmware server. There
are other products out there too besides vmware such as virtual box server
which I believe is also free. I run a Linux machine and right now I am
working in Windows XP on the same computer which is where I run all of my
windows pump and meter based software.


 > Another solution; hire someone smart enough
 > to write software that is multi platform.

Doesn't work for hardware drivers. Those are of necessity tightly
ties to the OS they are written for and, somewhat less tightly, to
the computer's hardware. (The second restriction is not so much a
development effort, but it doubles and triples the testing

In the particular case of Carelink, the major reason why it needs
Windows is that Windows (rather, IE) let web-based apps break out
of the "sandbox": Normally, such apps are not allowed to do things
that could alter the computer's state in major ways; that includes
directly accessing hardware. One of IE's features is to allow just
that in certain cases. It brings risks, too, but for Carelink, it
means that you don't ever have to actually install software, yet
it can still talk to the radio transmitter/receiver for the pump.

Anyway, the "multi-platform" part only works for apps, and even
there only for a fairly small segment of apps. :-( This is one of
the many reasons why I refuse to call programming "software
engineering" -- because engineering, a predictable application of
scientific principles, is far beyond current programming

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