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Re: [IP] carelink usb what is it?


I have an Intel Mac Book Pro and an Intel 24" 2.8 I2CD iMac. My MBP is  
partitioned to half OS X and half Windows XP.

Other than looking at the VPC for non intel macs, or Crossover,  
Parallels, VMWare Fusion and straight out Boot Camp for Intel, that's  
just the breaks.  Maybe you have a windows using friend and you can go  
borrow their computer for this stuff every so often? I had to borrow  
my BF's PC before I got my intels.

I found though that for the pump and meter software Boot Camp,  
allowing you to boot directly into your windows partition works the  
best for the IR-USB of the hardware. Parallels and VMWare did not  
actually 'take' for that, but they were good for other windows apps.

The thing I do not like is having the company insist that I go online  
to their Carelink. I want to stay to XP, Solutions, and Paradigm PAL,  
downloading my things for my doctor and such as long as I can without  
having to go online a lot in the Windows side.  Heck, just to go get  
information about Care Link, I HAVE to run IE 7 and Windows. I cannot  
get the simplest questions answered from my Safari or Firefox browser  
in Windows or Mac OS X Leopard.

Kinda like I heard in a chat one night by an Animas rep 'I wouldn't  
want to leave my BGs in the hands of "Billy's Bandits",' but anyway...  
Even they are windows only.....!

On Apr 27, 2008, at 4:09 PM, Marshall wrote:

> How can Mac users get MM to make this work on a Mac!!!
> Or do I have to get a new disease that is more Mac
> friendly!
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