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RE: [IP] help...

<<In general, yes. In practice, it depends on the kind of steroid, 
the application, the frequency of use, and so on -- but even 
topical steroids have some systemic absorption. 
Whether 120u to 150u is a lot depends on how much your usual TDD 
is; but for moderate use of a weak OTC steroid cream, I would not 
expect the TDD to increase by more than 100% or 150%.>>

 I have been on RX topical steroids for almost as long as I have had diabetes
due to psorisis.. and have NEVER EVER had the topical impact my blood sugar
levels. Yes, topicals CAN be absorbed into the system, but that is more common
if you OCCLUDE the area that you had applied the cream/ointment to by either
bandaid, cling wrap, or if on your hands, gloves, and then your body will absorb
more of the medications.
 I am on both very weak (but not the weakest one) and one of the strongest
topical steroidal creams (triamcinalone acetonide 0.5% ointment and clobetasole
proprianate cream [more like a ointment than that of a cream], and when I have a
flare on my hands, I OCCLUDE by wearing soft white cotton gloves at night and
durring the day I do not.
 If it is a oral or injected (IM/IV) steroid, I have seen drastic increased
blood sugars, which needed anywhere from 100-200% increase of basel and bolus.

R. Leppanen
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