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Re: [IP] Silhouette questions

--- On Wed, 4/23/08, Brad Bergman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Given how vague the diagram and instructions (not to
> mention the animation
> on the Medtronic web site) were for how to insert it, I
> relied on the
> spring-loaded, catapult-like Sil-Serter monstrosity they
> sent along
> (figuring that would do it correctly and I'd at least
> find out how it was
> *supposed* to work/look).

 When my CDE told me to switch to the Sils, she said she would show me how tom
insert them once they arrived. Not wanting to make a special trip to see her, I
decided to try the Sil-Serter when my shipment arrived. My first few attempts
were great. The angle was good, it didn't hurt at all. I did have a little
trouble getting the Serter off, but it wasn't bad. I found the Serter worked
best on flatter areas - i.e. my upper abdomen rather than my lower belly.
Eventuially my Serter jammed and I had to insert manually.

 I watched the video on the IP site, I looked at pictures. It scared me the
first few times and I'd always stand around for awhile trying to find the
courage to do the initial poke.

 It did get easier and now I don't think about it at all. The initial poke is
the worst but I find that if I pinch my skin hard, it's not bad. Maybe because
the pain of me pinching my skin blocks any pain from the needle!

 To remove them, I just grab an edge and yank it off. Doesn't hurt, and I don't
use any extra adhesive other than an IV Prep wipe. I've dropped my pump a bunch
of times and so far have never had any set pull out because of that. I use the
long tubing, so I guess there's enough slack.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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