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RE: [IP] RE: [help...

Hi Michelle,

As an aside, some of your mail never makes it to the list, as the
text is stuffed into an HTML table. I believe Yahoo!'s web mail
does this when you quote the original message (indented, with a
bar running down its length). Just FYI.

 > I changed the set again last night and the
 > cannula was bent almost in half! Does this
 > happen often? And there was no "liquid"
 > from the insulin,

I am glad your BG is OK now. Bent cannulas do happen -- not all
that often, in my experience, but they do. The insulin that should
have gone through the cannula may have exited onto the skin into
the tape patch and evaporated from there.

Or mayhap the set was fully occluded -- you mentioned bolusing .5u
for a BG of ~300 mg/dl, so I figure you to be rather sensitive to
insulin. How many hours of basal would it take you to infuse 2.0u?
That's the ballpark figure at which MM pumps start classifying the
increased backpressure as an occlusion (exact numbers are in the
"Specifications" section of your pump manual).

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