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[IP] Thanks for MM One-Touch advice

I can't find the post now where someone advised MM pump users to call Minimed
to  make sure you are registered with them so that you will get the new
One-Touch meter.  I called this morning and I got a very nice person on the
phone who told me I would be getting the One-Touch meter this week.  Since I
just got the useless Nova Max meter in the mail a couple of weeks ago, that
was good news to hear that I will also be getting the meter I want.  The
customer service person said that when I get it, to call again and have them
help me set it up to receive the readings on my pump.  This will save me lots
of time since I now input my blood sugars from a One-Touch meter.  They said
it would be about 6 steps to set up the pump to receive the readings from the
meter and that the istructions are not on their web site yet.

Thanks to the person who gave such good advice!
Julie, MM522
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