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Re: [IP] New reservoir without new insertion set

Hi All

I am using a MM-722 with quick sets. I just started pumping in January. 
When I was on MDI I was using 160u of Insulin  per day (50u Lantus x2, 
and Humilog as needed). I got the 722 because it was the only one that 
had a 300u reservoir at the time. So to get 3 or 4 days from an infusion 
set it becomes necessary to refill the reservoir or replace. I have been 
doing so since I started, first with Humalog and now with Novalog. Much 
to my CDE's displeasure. I understand the Novalog has better 
preservatives then Humalog which I think helps. As for the little 
champaign bubbles in the reservoir, it just takes a second to tap them 
out for expulsion into the vial. It wasn't much different when doing MDI 
and I only had 100 syringes for a month of shots . And at 8 -10 shots 
per day It was necessary to reuse them multiple times so they would last 
a month.


Felix Kasza (lists) wrote:
> Hi Linda,
>  > I was trying to get MM to send me only half
>  > of the reservoirs and said that I was going
>  > to refill them.
> That is what I do -- a 300uy reservoir lasts me six days, so I
> change reservoir and tubing with every other set change -- except
> that I didn't bother to tell MM why I wanted to change my standing
> supply order. I just called and asked them to change it, period.
> I never had a defective reservoir, probably because I do not put
> them in front of steamrollers, but I am unconcerned: Once the
> reservoir is in the pump, the likelihood of it being damaged is
> minimal.
> As for how often a reservoir can be reused, I used one (and the
> tubing) for twelve days once. No problems whatsoever. Do note that
> the plastic of tubing and reservoir, despite advances like
> Unomedical's Polyfin tubing, adsorbs some insulin. In mitigation,
> the effect is greatest right after starting to use fresh a
> reservoir and tubing, of course.
> Cheers,
> Felix.
> .
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