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Re: Double vision [IP]

Denise wrote:
> I had double vision in my twenties after about ten years of Diabetes. 
> The
> cause was temporary paralysis of the 6th cranial nerve and I handled it by
> wearing an eye patch over one eye so that the double vision would not 
> annoy
> me.  It resolved itself within in about five months and I never had 
> another
> episode in my 53 years of diabetes.

I am patching the *offending* (right) eye most of the time or it makes me 
very ill. I have vomited a couple of times. However, I trade patching eyes 
so the right one does not become *lazy.* Especially I use it when in the 
dialysis recliner with the 9" TV in front of me. I have a constant low-grade 
*ice cream* headache in it and watching that TV doesn't cause a lot of 
movement. When I had a vitrectomy in my left eye 11 years ago I was 
restricted to watching TV since it doesn't require much movement of both 
eyes since they move together when reading, etc.

I'm not sure what Andy A. was talking about with the prisms, but if I look 
to the extreme left (no patch) I have single vision. As I look to the right 
you can see my right eye doesn't travel along. I guess that's the result of 
the 6th nerve palsy.

Thanks to all who have replied to me - on and off list. I just hadn't seen 
this addressed that I recall and thought I was the only one. I knew you'd 
come through for me.

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